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Off-Market Real Estate.

With our investment approach, we stand for reliability, transparency and intrinsic value. We only invest our experience in properties from the off-market. We operate independently, creatively and in partnership and rely on profitable investment properties that are characterized by sustainable returns.

"best capital are real estates from off-market and the best off-market real estates are from best capital"


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Best Capital

Best Capital is responsible for real estate investments, off-market deals, transactions, secret deals, purchases, acquisitions, brokerage, of the off-market real estate with its headquarters in Berlin. We act as investment brokers, real estate agents, real estate sellers in Germany, Poland and other European countries. We work independently for private and institutional investors, investment funds and project developers. We offer premium real estate such as hotels, offices, residential, student dormitories, micro apartments, retirement homes, nursing homes, shopping centers, parking garages, logistics, investment plots.

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the best off-market real estate for your portfolio.

For investors, best capital means only premium off-market real estate and these are hotels, offices, residential , student dormitories, micro apartments, retirement homes, nursing homes, shopping centers, parking garages, logistics, but also investment plots for new hotel buildings, office buildings, micro apartments, student housing, senior housing, commercial properties and project developments.

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Reaching the right investors noticeably speeds up the sales process.

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We accompany you in every phase of the decision, planning, execution and completion of your transaction or lease.

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Every real estate investment is a new challenge to produce something unique.

Discover off-market real estate with Best Capital you didn't even know were for sale.